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Heritages High Schools' FIRST Robotics Teams
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Every dollar helps  
Your donations, no matter the amount, help us from travel costs to getting materials. The more money we receive from generous people like you gives students on the team the abilty to think outside the box knowing that they can make their designs on paper become an award winning reality. The website you see in front of you wouldn't be possible without donations and sponsers. WE NEED YOU!
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Want to do more? Donating not enough? Want to feel a sense of fulfillment? You can be a mentor to dozens of young people. Your advice can go a long away in making a better future. The team can benfit from you in many ways from being a role model, to giving that one word of insperation that gives a student the idea of how to make cars fly. The possibilities are endless with you on our team. Along with how much it would benefit the team it would also make you feel complete and be a fun way to spread your wisdom.
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