CAT5 CyberCanes
Heritages High Schools' FIRST Robotics Teams

This Seasons Forecast

November 3@Heritgae High

Rumble in the Roads

Teams compete one last time with the previous seasons challange and robots. All and any are welcome to come and watch.
September @ Heritage High


At orinatation we welcomed many of our FTC members to the FRC team and let them know what they should expect.
January 5@ Jefferson Lab


We celebrated kick off at our coachs house. At this event we made concepts and a genral game plan.
Febuary 19 @ midnight

Stop Build Day

No more building on robot :(
week 1

CHS District Hampton Roads Event

Our First Qualifier
week 2

CHS District Central Virginia

Our Second Qualifier

- Our FTC season has come to a close at FTC Virgina State Championship. This year we made great improvement from last year by greatly reducing the weight along with the clunkiness of the mechanism. In our qualifying competition we competed with the secound seed an help our alliance take the win.
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